Meet Taress

Meet Taress

Clinical Herbalist and Creator of Delicious Elixirs

Our Values


  • We believe that herbalism can bring about deeper connections with nature, our communities, and our bodies.

  • Our products are formulated to be potent and palatable! They are gastronomically formulated by a clinical herbalist and foodie, to taste delicious without sacrificing their powerful wellness properties. 

  • We are firm believers that food is medicine, thus we crafted our products to be used on their own or in the kitchen.

  • We believe that delicious wellness routines that you look forward to, are how you create a lifelong healthy habits

  • We are inspired by gastronomy, traditional food ways, and the artisanal, local, & farm to table food movements. We love the focus on connection to supply chains, and the artful precision used to create culinary wonders, and community sustenance. We believe that these principles & precision in food culture, is largely lacking when it comes to herbal products, and we want to bridge that gap.

  • Our work is rooted in healing justice and anti-oppression principles. We strive to provide accessible, inclusive, competent, and trauma informed care. 

  • We are inspired by pleasure activism, and believe that pleasure is an essential part of healing. Deep gratitude to Adrienne Marie Brown, and the Black Feminist tradition that this concept emerged from. 

  • We believe in community, education, and making herbal knowledge more accessible. It is deeply empowering to know that we can support our resilience using the beautiful flora that surrounds us and is literally right under our feet!

  • We practice bioregional herbalism whenever possible, and believe in in supporting other local small businesses. 


  • We believe that the well being of our planet, is fundamental to human wellbeing, and thus wellness products must be sustainably and ethically crafted