02 / SALTY

mineral energy support


Feel the energy of earth and sea in this salty herbal vinegar featuring nettle, maypop, & sea moss. Minerals are considered essential foundations of nutrition, and they support healthy cognitive function and energy levels. In herbalism, what is considered a “salty” herb, is one in which we taste minerality. Each herb in this formula was chosen for it’s mineral-rich taste and reputation. These “salty” botanicals, pair beautifully with the bright notes of white wine vinegar. Take it directly for daily wellness, or use it as a zesty base for salad dressings and sauces.

Proprietary herbal blend: organic nettle leaf extract (urtica dioica), organic maypop aerial plant extract (passiflora incarnata), wildcrafted sea moss extract (chondrus crispus), organic oregano leaf extract (origanum vulgare), organic thyme leaf extract (thymus vulgaris), organic rosemary leaf extract (salvia rosmarinus). (Daily value not established).

Other Ingredients: organic white wine vinegar, salt.

2 oz bottle