adaptogenic immune & nervous system nourishment


The essence of this elixir is deep nourishment… from the complexity of flavor when it hits your palate, to the feeling of embodiment that follows. This powerful blend of superfood mushrooms provides immune and nervous system support. We double extract the mushrooms: first in smoky mezcal, then decoct them with culinary herbs & garlic to create a savory broth — add it all back together, and you get a mushroom tincture with optimal potency and bold umami flavor! Enjoy it directly from the dropper, or use it to create savory cocktails and marinades.

Proprietary herbal blend: organic shiitake fruiting body extract (lentinula edodes), organic reishi fruiting body extract (ganoderma lucidum), organic maitake fruiting body extract (grifola frondosa), organic turkey tail fruiting body extract (trametes versicolor), organic garlic bulb extract (allium sativum), organic basil leaf extract (ocimum basilicum), organic sage leaf extract (salvia officinalis), organic black pepper extract (piper nigrum). (Daily value not established).

Other ingredients: organic mezcal, water

2 oz bottle