Meet Taress

Meet Taress

Clinical Herbalist and Creator of Delicious Elixirs


I am in devotion to healing justice, to the wild, to embodied pleasure. This work is a part of my expression.

I have been practicing herbalism since 2015. I received my herbal education from the Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine, The Appalachian Center for Natural Health, and through apprenticeship with the Herbalista Health Network. In 2017, I co-founded Community Roots Collective, a non-profit organization that provides free herbal clinics and education to marginalized communities in the South. I’m also an avid foodie and home chef. 

Delicious Elixirs was birthed during a time of great transformation for me. I have always been comfortable traversing the depths. I pride myself in being a compassionate space-holder for the challenging and very human experiences of liminality, grief, and illness - both professionally and personally. But it wasn’t until I began to center embodiment and creativity in my own healing journey that the tides turned and I connected to my life-force and joy in entirely new ways. 

In addition to supporting people with my botanical wisdom, I want to inspire those who consult with me, to bring the gifts of pleasure and self-compassion into their health and healing practices. Enjoyment can and should be a part of the process. That includes the wellness products we take. No more choking down nasty herbal supplements - there is a wide array of delectable flavors among the botanicals that support our wellbeing. Taste is a fundamental source of inspiration and embodiment for me. Communing with nature is as well. I poured my love of herbalism and gastronomy into the Taste Collection, to create tincture blends that boost wellness, engage the palate, and can be used in the kitchen. 

I hope you enjoy, and find joy, in these offerings.