supports digestion & relaxation


This calming aperitif is just what you need to rest and digest. Bitterness has been utilized throughout human history to stimulate the digestive system. Everyday practices such as beginning meals with bitter liquors, greens, and coffee/tea illustrate this flavor’s influence. Our formula combines the distinct personalities of chamomile, hops, citrus peel, & cardamom bitters to form a beautiful synergy of aromas. These dynamic bitter herbs support digestion, liver function, and nervous system relaxation. Enjoy it in sparkling water or mixed drinks before mealtimes, and after long days.

Proprietary herbal blend: organic hops flower extract (humulus lupulus), organic chamomile flower extract (matricaria chamomilla), organic citrus peel extract (citrus sinensis), organic cardamom seed extract (elettaria cardamomum). (Daily value not established).

Other Ingredients: organic vodka, water, organic wildflower honey.

2 oz bottle