immune & respiratory support


Our pungent extract is a symphony of tastes. This robust blend of ginger, aromatic herbs, & hot pepper is sugar, spice, and everything nice. It will be your go-to when you’re feeling under the weather since it provides swift immune-system, respiratory, and stomach support. It can also be taken tonically to help boost your immune defenses. Its warming spices paired with the sweetness inherent in glycerite tinctures creates dynamic cocktails and mocktails and is a cozy addition to tea.

Proprietary herbal blend: organic ginger root extract (zingiber officinale), organic elecampane root extract (inula helenium), organic organic cinnamon bark extract (cinnamomum verum), organic lavender flower extract (lavandula angustifolia), organic clove flower bud extract (syzygium aromaticum), organic habanero pepper extract (capsicum chinense). (Daily value not established).

Other ingredients: organic vegetable glycerine, water.

2 oz bottle