01 / SWEET

adaptogenic stress relief


In the wild, the sweet flavor is a rare and precious gift. The botanicals chosen for this blend have an elegant interplay between their natural sweetness and subtle earthiness, compared to the refined sugars that we’re used to in our modern world. This tincture contains milky oats & tulsi, both of which are rejuvenating adaptogens that soothe physical and emotional stress. It can be taken daily to boost resilience, as well as in acute moments of tension. This delicate nectar is a lovely addition to drinks, but given that it's such a treat, you might want to devour it right from the bottle.

Proprietary herbal blend: organic milky oat tops extract (avena sativa), organic tulsi leaf extract (ocimum tenuiflorum), organic fennel bulb extract (foeniculum vulgare), organic cinnamon bark extract (cinnamomum verum), organic vanilla bean extract (vanilla planifolia). (Daily value not established).

Other Ingredients: organic vegetable glycerine, water.

2 oz bottle.