comprehensive herbal wellness package


Immerse yourself in botanical healing, with in-depth herbalist guidance. This package includes four herbal consultations, and the exclusive benefit of a mini-apothecary of custom herbal products formulated specifically for you (up to 4 products). 

I want to help you transform your self-care routines into self-love rituals! Healing and pleasure belong together. Cultivating delicious wellness practices that you look forward to, is how you form lifelong healthy habits. You are the expert on your body and mind, and as a practitioner, my purpose is to support your innate wisdom and wellness goals, with my expertise in clinical herbalism. 

During this immersion, we will co-create a container for you to learn and be nurtured. I love sharing herbal knowledge, preparations, and creative ways to bring the healing power of botanicals into daily life. We will investigate root imbalances that may be impacting your well-being, identify the herbal allies that will best support your resilience, curate a custom herbal wellness plan that lights you up, and refine it session by session. You will leave the immersion with a toolkit of herbal knowledge and a mini-apothecary of herbal formulas (tinctures, teas, salves, etc.) that have been formulated specifically for you! 

Each session lasts about an hour. When you purchase this package, you will be sent a booking form over email, to schedule your first session. You will receive a custom plan write-up after our first session, which we will continue to refine each consecutive session.  I generally offer consultations on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I'm happy to accommodate your schedule if that doesn't work.